Company Introduction

Company Introduction

Ying Tong & Chang's are a group of the company focus on development and production on Physical Vapour Deposition technology. Ying Tong established in 1998. Our R&D and Engineering team have developed a full series of new processing technique in PVD coating industry. The PVD coatings series include ultra-hardness, anti-scratches, anti-corrosion, and a full range of cosmetic fashion colours for various sectors, from luxury accessories to electronics and industrial parts.

Aiming to create value to customers, our team keeps providing professional, innovative and sincere services to our customers, enhancing our core competence and achieving win-win co-operation. With excellent market vision, we provide highly competitive products with unlimited innovations.

Since established, we started our production site in Shenzhen. We have advanced PVD coating machines, hydrocarbon cleaning lines, and technical laboratory with complete coating analysis equipment, like X-ray, Spectrophotometer, Vickers Hardness Tester, and UV Tester. Salt Spray Chambers, Abrasion Testers, and Humidity Chamber, etc.

The company has been putting a lot of effortinto environment protection to ensure all operations are sustainable and fulfil government and worldwide standards.

Director introduction

Our director, the founder, Mr Raymond Cheung, specialized in Chemistry and completed his studies from Zhong Shang University in 1963. He got many patents in PVD theory and technology for his over 40 years of the metal industry, Electroplating, PVD coating, which helps the company grow tremendously.